• Sultan GULCE IZ

Going online during Covid outbreak!

A century later the 1918 H1N1 influenza pandemic we are facing a very big challenge nowadays, Coronavirus-Covid 19 outbreak. This outbreak catches out everyone without proper preparedness. The governments, families, individuals are facing a significant change in their lives like social distancing. The primary, secondary, high schools along with the universities, they all went online education. Actually, this is also what we were already experiencing in university education, online lectures, virtual learning and so. Just speed up as light in the last a few weeks. Thanks to the technology there are numerous programs offering online innovational tools for education, like Zoom making possible to interact with students and transfer knowledge during online lectures.

I am confident that these days will pass and people gather again with their families and friends as in the old days. I believe making the most of these times, having fun with the family, enjoying working from home, helping who needs the most will be an invaluable memory for all of us.

Stay safe, enjoy the moment, help others!


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